Why do I need to perform a keyword research when optimising my website for the search engines?

 May 17, 2010     0 Comments

The keyword research is an essential step of the SEO process, because it helps you define what your potential visitors/customers are looking for. However this process is not limited to knowing the words and phrases that your potential customers use when they use a search engine. You will also find out how much competition there is for those words and phrases, so you can estimate your chances of ranking well.

Keyword research is simply finding the right way to draw your potential customers to your site. You already know some of the keywords people are searching for. You know your business and the terminology that comes with it and its importance.

This is where most web site owners are making an incorrect assumption. The terminology used by you is most likely not what people are searching for. For example, you might think that "unformat" is what people are looking for, but in fact it is "how to have my files restored after a format of my hard drive". You know that there are various tools, which can perform the "unformat" procedure, but you can also see that "unformat" is not included in the search.

People are looking for an answer to a problem they have. It is up to you to provide that answer to them. If you do so, they will like that and hopefully do business with you.

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