What is a Domain Pointer?

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Domain pointers allow you to point multiple domain names to a single Web site.

For example: If your domain is www.yourdomain.com and you also have www.your-domain.com, by using a domain pointer, you can have www.your-domain.com directed to www.yourdomain.com.

We do offer Domain Pointers but not by default, to enable them, please submit a ticket telling us how many you require (up to 10).  When we have activated this feature, to set up a domain pointer for a domain name you have registered somewhere other than Laws Hosting:

1. Log in to Direct Admin;

2. Click on the Domain name for which you want to set up a domain pointer, if you have cmore than one domain;

3. Scroll down to the Advanced Features section, and  click on the Domain Pointers link;

4. Under the Add New Domain Pointer heading, and next to the Source Domain field, type the domain that you wish to point from - eg. If your domain is www.yourdomain.com and you want www.your-domain.com to point to www.yourdomain.com, enter your-domain.com;

5. If you just want www.yourdomain.com to redirect to www.your-domain.com, untick Create as an Alias box. If you want www.yourdomain.com and www.your-domain.com to show the same content, keep the Create as an Alias box ticked;

6. Then click the Add button.

7. You will need to update the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings listed at your current registrar – your welcome email the IP address that you will need to update your current registrar.

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