What is a domain extension?

 July 17, 2010     0 Comments

A domain extension is the combination of letters that follow the "dot" in a domain name, such as "com". Dot com is the most sought after and common domain extension. It is shorthand for "commercial" and was originally intended for use by commercial enterprises on the internet. Other popular extensions are .net (originally intended for internet aligned applications and .org (intended for non profit organisations but now available to anyone). There are currently literally hundreds of various extensions available, from country and region specific, such as  .co.uk  for Britain and  .us  for the United States. Some country and regional domains are Government regulated and not available for general registration by outside sources. Other extensions which are becoming popular due to the fact that "All of the good dot coms are gone", are .biz, .info, .name, and region specific extensions that have been released to the global community, such as .cc (Cocos Islands) and .tv (Tevula).

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