Forum application comparison: phpBB vs SMF

 August 27, 2011     0 Comments

phpBB and SMF are two of the most popular free bulletin board applications. If you are looking for a free forum application, you will most probably end up using one of the two.

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of each one. 


- the installation/uninstallation of additional mods is done through an automatic package manager
- supports multiple languages at once
- option to display the query count per page
- full or partial word censoring
- cookie and session based authentication
- spell checker

- does not support custom BBCode buttons
- no custom profile fields
- no user rating
- no search flood control
- no customizable private message filters


- has a lot of free mods/plugins/templates
- supports MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL database engines
- search flood control
- password protected forums
- sorting of posts
- private message filters which can be customized

- no automatic mod installer
- the installation of some of the additional mods may require more advanced programming skills
- no HTML in posts
- no user rating
- no RSS

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