Transferring out a .UK Domain Name

 December 15, 2015     0 Comments

The process of transferring a .UK domain name from Laws Hosting to another Registrar is slightly different compared to the process for domain names under other extensions. In case of a .UK domain name, the outbound Transfer needs to be initiated at Laws Hosting, instead of the New Registrar.

You need to open a ticket and provide us the IPS Tag of the New Registrar to whom you wish to Transfer your .UK domain name. An IPS Tag is an alphanumeric string used to identify a .UK Registrar. The IPS Tag can be obtained by contacting the New Registrar/Service Provider under whom you wish to have your domain name transferred. This process will take up to 24 hours.


You will receive a notification email from Laws Hosting once your .UK domain name has been successfully transferred to the New Registrar.

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