How & where do I upload my website?

 September 15, 2010     0 Comments

You can use FTP to upload completed files onto your domain. We recommend the FTP client FileZilla--it is completely free, and you can download it by visiting

Unless you've added another FTP accounts, your FTP username and password are the same as your main DirectAdmin username and password, and the address you connect to in FTP is always

Fill in the corresponding fields:

Username: control panel username
Password: control panel password

Now, click quickconnect, and you should see the files on the server in the right hand window/pane.

To upload the files you can drag them from the left window to the right window.  You should upload all your web files to your uk web hosting account's main folder, public_html. All files uploaded there will appear on your site. Laws Hosting customers should upload their website files within the public_html folder.

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