How to log in to my VPS server via SSH in Mac OS?

 October 13, 2015     0 Comments

First you should generate an SSH key pair on your Mac OS.

Then you need to load your private SSH key using the following command:

user@localhost: ssh-add id_dsa
Enter passphrase for id_dsa:
Identity added: id_dsa (id_dsa)

The passphrase is the same as the one you have set during the generation of the SSH key.

Then you should initiate an SSH connection:

user@localhost: ssh USER@HOST_NAME -pPORT

- USER - the user for which you want to establish the SSH connection.

- HOST_NAME (or IP address) - here you should enter the host/IP of the server to which you wish to connect;

- PORT - the port for the connection - here you should enter 22 (unless you have changed the port, which is advisable);

Press "Enter" and if everything has been set up properly, you will establish an SSH connection to your server.

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