What if my VPS gets hacked?

 June 16, 2015     0 Comments

We have a vast system of checks in place. If a VPS was to become penetrated by unauthorised personnel, the system will immediately shut the VPS down so it cannot be accessed.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend:

  1. Changing the SSH password regularly to a strong password;
  2. Changing the SSH port to something else from the default port 22;
  3. Set up a firewall (eg. iptables) and only open the needed ports;
  4. Use a different password for each service, SSH, email, FTP, web accounts;
  5. Only install software from trusted sources;
  6. Do not install an open relay SMTP server (it's against our Terms of Service);
  7. Keep your Operating System and software up to date;
  8. Install MalDet;

If you have a suspicious that your VPS is acting oddly, please open a ticket at your earliest convenience.

Running a VPS does require knowledge of how a server is run.

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