How do I look up domain names?

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If you would like to use our Domain lookup, please read on.

At the moment, the API call is a GET call, the URL is

The options are:

apikey : You will need a api key to authenticate with us, please contact us for this;
service : This is the service, there are only 2 at the moment "whois" and "gettlds";
domain-name : The domain name (without the extension) you wish to check, eg. laws-hosting;
tld : The extension, eg., com, net, etc;

So, to make a request to check, you would do<YOURAPIKEY>&service=whois&domain-name=laws-hosting&

It will output as a JSON response, like so:


Currently, we allow 350 API requests a month.

We do not cater for every TLD, so to see what we offer, you would issue a call like so:<YOURAPIKEY>&service=gettlds

It will output as a JSON response, like so:

{"tlds":"|bar|uk|berlin|bid|.. etc}
Then you can use this output for a select box for your users to choose the desired TLD. Ideally, we ask you to grab the TLD list then save it either in a file of a database field - you should only request again every week or month.

We have added a example class to github, you can go to DomainAPI.php and grab it.

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