How do I edit my website?

 September 15, 2010     0 Comments

How to edit a website depends on the application/software you have used for the website's creation.

Not so long ago one of the most widely used applications for quickly and easily building a website was FrontPage. With it you could create, upload and edit a website without having any HTML knowledge.

However, Microsoft stopped the development of FrontPage and now most web hosting providers don't officially support it.

Fortunately, there are many commercial and open-source products which continue to make the creation of a website a quick and simple task. You don't have to be a programmer to create a beautiful and functional site.

Commercial products such as Dreamweaver offer far greater freedom than Frontpage did and building/editing a website is now easier than ever. Dreamweaver even has an extension through which you can migrate your FrontPage site to Dreamweaver.

Open-source applications such as Joomla don't fall behind. There are numerous free components/modules/themes/plugins which can turn your site from a simple personal page into a real online portal with a blog, forum, gallery, etc.

Let't not forget online sitebuilders. With these tools you can create a website in just a few clicks. You can then easily edit the website and add new features.

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