How do I renew my hosting account?

 December 8, 2015     0 Comments

You can renew any service quickly and easily through your client area.

Payment Instructions:
1) Log into our client management site at with your email and password;
2) Click on the "Billing" tab and then click on "My Invoices"; 
3) Select the invoice you want to pay; 
4) Choose the payment method;
5) Click on pay invoice

Invoices will be sent fourteen (14) days before the due date, and then three (3), six (6), and nine (9) days thereafter. If the invoice is not paid within ten (10) days, accounts will be automatically suspended until payment is received. If, however, the invoice isn't paid after two (2) weeks after the ten (10) days, we will delete your account.
Also, if you have any credit with us, this will automatically be used as payment or part payment.

If you registered a domain with us, it will be left to expire unless you wish to transfer it - if this is the case, you need to contact us.

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