Do you provide Shell Accounts (Telnet/SSH)?

 May 16, 2010     0 Comments

No, as providing Shell access to a server is a huge security risk. In the interests of our customers' security and the protection of our server hardware and software we do not provide Shell accounts to our customers.

Some of the most commonly performed tasks that Shell access is normally required for can be performed via your Control Panel:

* Set up password protected directories using .htaccess files: Your Control Panel enables you to do this much quicker and easier using a simple web interface.
* Change file permissions: Your online File Manager enables you to do this using a simple form and most FTP packages also include this facility.
* Set up cron jobs Instruct the server to execute a script at regular intervals e.g. 4am every day or every Monday lunchtime.

If you require something more advanced to be done at the Shell level then we will be only too happy to help.

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